Campbell has teamed up with Wendy Cooling, an eminent figure in the world of children’s books, to offer parents useful tips, advice and help on how to read with your child. Here, Wendy looks at reading with a toddler and suggests which type of book might work best.


Babies become toddlers so soon, and are quickly able to take in lots more vocabulary and become fully involved in sharing a book. They will be happy to look at books on their own but will continue to love shared reading time. there will be more talk – especially questions – as your child’s language skills develop, and reading time will not necessarily be quiet time. They’re ready for rhymes and stories, and will be joining in wherever they can. the focus is now on the words as well as the pictures.

The Campbell First Stories series is a collection of lively introductions to classic tales, perfect for this age group. From Snow White to Jack and the Beanstalk young children will love playing with the push, pull and slide tabs. As well as giving movement to the stories, these make children feel they’re sharing in the storytelling. A tiny hidden creature on every page encourages children to look closely at the pictures. Adults can add detail to the stories according to the child’s response. these interactive books really engage toddlers.

Which of these classic fairy tales is your toddler’s favourite?  See our full range below!