Moone Boy Halloween costume inspiration

With Halloween just around the corner, who better to turn to for costume inspiration than the Bonner Brothers.

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A year is a very long time when you're an idiot. To cope with the curse of the calendar, Martin Moone has developed the habit of dividing the year into smaller sections, or 'Yections'.
To celebrate the publication of Moone Boy: the marvellous activity manual we have gone one step further and divided the whole year into one marvellous week of 'yections' blogs to showcase just some of the brilliant activities that can be found inside this ultimate companion guide for mooneboy fans for every yection all year round.
with halloween just around the corner, where better to look for costume inspiration than yection 6: wonder what happened to the new school year, with thanks to the bonner brothers for their crafty crafting tips!

'make a scary halloween mask based on what we think trevor’s imaginary friend, loopy lou, looks like – or what we think he should look like.'

featuring all of martin's friends (and enemies) and packed with advice on finding your own imaginary friend (if), moone boy: the marvellous activity manual is out now.

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