Bethan Woollvin is a brilliant new illustrator who sprung to prominence after winning the Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2014 for her debut Little Red, which was the first ever Two Hoots book and has just won an AOI World Illustration Award!

Now Bethan has turned her wicked sense of humour and feminist sensibilities to everyone’s favourite golden-locked princess – Rapunzel. Much like Bethan’s version of Little Red Riding Hood, this Rapunzel is a lot more independent than the original. No mooching around waiting to be rescued by Prince Charming for her. She takes her story into her own hands – and doles out some justice along the way.

Not to mention finishing the book sporting a very fetching bob.

You can also now get hold of Little Red in paperback form – complete with these eye-popping die-cut flaps.

Bethan’s brilliant conical witches are one of our favourite things about Rapunzel and now you can make your own! Download templates below – all you’ll need is scissors, glue and a lolly stick or a pen.

Make your own Rapunzel

Download the activity sheet

Make your own witch from Rapunzel

Download the activity sheet