‘there are monkeys in the chandeliers, turtles in the bathtub and secrets behind every door...’

idie grace is twelve when she inherits a grand old house on a caribbean island, and is sent away from grey old england to a place where hummingbirds hover and monkeys clamber from tree to tree.

as a lady of property idie can do as she pleases, so she fills the house with exotic animals, keeps her beloved horse in the hallway, and carries a grumpy, talking cockatoo called homer on her shoulder. but the island house holds as many secrets as it does animals, and the truth behind idie's inheritance is the biggest secret of all...

the house on hummingbird island is a book filled with secrets, intrigue and a lush and enchanting setting which will sweep you away from the very first page.
we’ve pulled together some irresistible extras for this book so you can keep on exploring idie’s world even after you’ve closed the book.

we’ve got an exclusive piece from the author, sam angus, all about how she brought this fascinating story to life, and you down download it here.
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need some help keeping up with the intriguing characters and the roles they play in each others lives? the download the character list and bathsheba family tree so you have all the inside information. there’s even a list of the animal characters! (contains spoilers)

you can also read an extract here.

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