hello! the two hoots team have been working hard for months preparing for this moment, and now here we are, ready to publish our very first book, and with lots more wonderful books to follow. we are a small team, and through this blog we invite you to join us behind the scenes, talking about our jobs, introducing the people and the stories behind our books, and sharing our thoughts on the wonderful world of children’s literature and illustration. we are also on twitter and instagram, so do join in, we’d love to hear from you.

being invited to set up my own imprint is the most exciting thing to have happened in my career. (so exciting that shortly after accepting the role, i once had to get out of bed and run round the garden in the middle of the night like a small child who can’t sleep for the thrill of knowing that father christmas is on his way!) i have (mostly) calmed down a bit since then, but still can’t quite believe my good fortune. what a privilege. and what a responsibility: i am lucky enough to be working with some truly amazing talents, and want to do my very best for them. but i am not alone. there is a terrific two hoots team developing here at pan macmillan, with clever, energetic, enthusiastic representatives from all departments supporting the creative core which comprises helen weir (assistant editor), sharon king-chai (senior commissioning designer) and chris inns (who as art director for the entire macmillan picture book and gift book list has a particular responsibility for the creative development of two hoots). we hope to offer our amazing authors and artists the creative space to explore and experiment, and together to create and publish beautiful books full of personality, wit and warmth. and we hope that you enjoy them.