debbie howell's introduces our first thin blue spine crime book club choice, the beauty of the end.

dear readers,

there were two distinct voices as i wrote this book; the reclusive ex-lawyer, noah, who is disillusioned with life and love, and that of teenager ella, for whom the trappings of a wealthy background can’t make up for what’s missing in her life. the cynicism of a life that hasn’t delivered versus the optimism of youth. apparently unconnected, it’s the collision of their stories that will solve a murder.

the beauty of the end challenged me as a writer, not least because of its structure, but also because it includes themes about which it was important to me to write sensitively and sympathetically.

there is an issue buried at its heart that i hope people will talk about. there’s the matter of impossible life choices. the assumed right of some people to make moral judgements. the line between right and wrong, which isn’t always clear and can be scrubbed out or undefined. when you don’t know who to trust. when all you have to go on is your gut.

there’s love, too, in all its forms. romantic, unrequited, possessive, and the most tragic of all, lost – because, as well as a thriller, the beauty of the end is a love story. and in the background is the enduring message of the natural world, the timelessness of the landscape and the seasons. life goes on...

i’m so thrilled to have your support and i hope you enjoy reading it. i hope also that, like the bones of you, it will start conversations, divide opinion, and linger.

with thanks and warmest wishes,

debbie howells

debbie howells' the beauty of the end is out now. 

a love he'd never forget

ex-lawyer noah has never forgotten his first love. when, years later, he hears that she's suspected of murder, he knows with certainty that she's innocent.

with april on life-support and the evidence pointing towards her guilt, he's compelled to help her. but he's also unprepared as he's forced to confront what happened between them all those years ago.

a secret she would never reveal

april moon had loved noah. she never wanted to hurt him. but there was something - and someone - dark in her life which made happiness together impossible.

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