In Melanie Raabe's new novel, The Trap, Linda sets up a trap to capture the killer of her sister Anna. But how would Melanie commit the perfect murder...

What's your weapon of choice?

My brain. My bare hands. (And maybe a note book and a pen.)

What is your motive?

My motive? The need to express myself and the urge to entertain my readers with something I myself would like to read. I will stop at nothing.

Where is the scene of the crime?

I usually commit my crimes at my desk or at my kitchen table. I wrote THE TRAP at my kitchen table. Nowadays I have a desk – but old habits die hard.

What is your getaway vehicle?

I would probably try to get away by foot. But a hoverboard might be great alternative. Maybe I should get one.

Who is your accomplice?

My friends. All of them. And since my friends are all very smart, I will definitely get away with anything. Including murder.

Do you have a calling card?

Not yet! Thanks for reminding me.

The Trap Melanie Raabe's gripping story of a novelist plotting to expose her sister's famous killer, is out now. 

Listen to an audio extract below. 

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