New cops on the block

17 March 2015

batman and robin. sherlock and watson. mulder and scully. when fighting crime, there are many benefits in having someone by your side. here are five crime partnerships from crimesquad editor chris simmons you may not be aware of, but are are definitely worth investigating!

janausz kiszka and natalie kershaw, created by anya lipska

janusz kiszka and natalie kershaw. lipska has two books under her belt featuring these two. janusz is a polish ‘fixer’ in london’s east end. kershaw is an ambitious young detective. this is an explosive duo who don’t exactly rub along together but do see that inside they are both honourable – even if the methods are a little extreme sometimes! lipska is fast gaining a reputation and does a stunning job of bringing the polish world to the page – a world many of us never knew existed! (published by the friday project)

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august and september rafferty, created by nancy bush
august and september rafferty are twins born either side of midnight 31st aug and 1st sept. the first three novels of this series start with ‘nowhere to run’ and have been released on kindle with new funky covers. liv dives out of the office for lunch. when she returns the office is a bloodbath – and she is the main target. taking shelter in a stranger’s car liv, with the help of august rafferty, must escape the clutches of a serial killer. looking at reviews this promises to be a very addictive series! (published by bello)

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di zigic and ds ferreira, created by eva dolan
the face of peterborough is changing with the influx of migrant workers. zigic and ferreira know all too well the stigma of having a foreign sounding name. investigating a case of a man being burnt alive in a shed on the fenlands, this case uncovers many nasty aspects of the local community. we all loved this debut in 2014 and dolan’s debut comes highly recommended. (published by harvill secker/vintage)

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di lloyd and ds judy hill, created by jill mcgown
these guys were also in my top five christmas books which show how much i love mcgown’s books. her plots are labyrinthine, clever and spellbinding. i am so pleased they are back in print. mcgown is a favourite amongst many current crime writers and if you haven’t read the lloyd and hill books – i promise you will be hooked immediately! (published by bello)

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rhona macleod and di michael mcnab, created by lin anderson

many moons ago in a second-hand bookshop i found a battered copy of anderson’s second book, torch published by a small scottish press. i read it and then had to go back and read the others. forensic scientist, rhona macleod gets top billing here but mcnab is a good foil for rhona. paths of the dead is the ninth in a series which gets stronger and more addictive with every outing! if you want to start at the beginning then there are some great deals on anderson’s earlier titles on kindle. (published by macmillan)

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