Agatha Christie could write anywhere as long as she had a “steady table and a typewriter”; Truman Capote wrote lying down and John le CarrĂ© penned his novel, Call for the Dead, on his long train ride to and from work. We wanted to find out where Aga Lesiewicz wrote her psychological thriller Rebound

It's actually not a desk, it’s a sofa. I picked up this bad habit when I was stuck at home after my knee surgery (torn meniscus) and started writing my first novel. It felt delightfully comfy at the time, but now I’m finding it’s bad for my back. Perhaps it’s time to move to a proper chair by a proper desk…

I write on the smallest MacBook Air, which is a fantastic machine. Not only it’s quiet, fast and not at all fussy, but it’s also very sturdy. It has survived a couple of tumbles to the floor when Jabba the dog got entangled in its power cable. I do use Time Machine and make regular back ups though, just in case.

I love to be surrounded by books. I find their company reassuring and peaceful.  A dog at my feet, a couple of WIRED magazines for geeky inspiration, and an occasional cup of tea – I don’t need anything else to write.