We sat down with Melanie Raabe to find out where she wrote her debut psychological thriller, The Trap.

My writing space is really spartanic. I write at a desk that my friend, German designer Laura Kampf designed and built for me. The small, integrated stair allows me to climb out of the window above my desk and sit on the roof.

I don't need much. I need the note book I collected my thoughts in through the days, weeks, months I spent thinking about my book, and a pen. I need my old, battered MacBook. I really, really need coffee and snacks. I love to eat, and if I don't keep snacks nearby, I am constantly tempted to go to the kitchen and cook myself a three-course meal. (Full disclosure: The apple is just there for appearances, really. On a typical day, it would be crisps and chocolate.)

Since I do not read prose while I am writing, I often turn to poetry. Music is also very important to me. It helps me block out other noises and can help to put me in the right mood for a certain scene. When I was writing The Trap I was listening to certain Radiohead songs over and over again.