we decided to give summer reading favourite lucy diamond a new look for her fantastic new book. editor caroline hogg explains.

lucy’s covers have always been a big hit with her readers but for her new book one night in italy we knew we wanted to gives things a fresh twist. there’s definitely mileage in the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke…’ but with so many beautiful covers and innovative designs out there, neither can you rest on your laurels in publishing. so designer jo and i got thinking…
early covers

first of all, having all things italian as a theme was a real gift for the cover design! the idea of using spaghetti and pasta shapes decoratively came up early on and made for beautiful illustrations, as well as fitting in with the novel’s storyline (no spoilers!). it was actually lucy and her agent lizzy who suggested we make the spaghetti curl round into a heart shape and it works a treat. (thanks both!)
we’d had lots of white or light backgrounds to lucy’s books previously, so again we wanted to try something new colour-wise and with ‘night’ in the title, and wanting to evoke balmy summer evenings, we came to the lovely rich blue on the finished cover.
next stage

i can often be heard asking ‘can we have lots of foil please?’ in cover meetings and i got my way! the gold foil here works against the midnight-blue background wonderfully. not only is it eye-catching and sumptuous, but it makes you think of holiday nights out when the sky is full of twinkly stars.
what was really important for me was that the cover would still be easily spotted as a lucy diamond novel across a bookshop and so we stuck with our lovely type on her name and made sure that read out very clearly. lucy’s perfectly formed shoutline is the cherry on top of what is a truly delicious cover. big thanks to designer jo and everyone involved.

new look