Classic spooky stories for Halloween

Our pick of the best scary books, from classic ghost stories to fiendish mysteries.

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Our pick of the best scary books to read this Halloween, from classic ghost stories to fiendish mysteries. These classic tales have all the ghosts, vampires and monsters you need for a truly terrifying October 31st.


by Bram Stoker

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Sensual, dark and thrilling, Bram Stoker's Gothic masterpiece still surpasses any film or TV versions of this peerless tale of a desperate battle against a powerful, ancient vampire.


by Mary Shelley

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Mary Shelley's dark parable of science misused, would go on to influence countless writers and film-makers. Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant but wayward scientist, builds a human from dead flesh and then, horrified at what he has done, abandons his creation.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination

by Edgar Allan Poe

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Some of the most exciting and haunting stories ever written, including ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ and 'The Fall of the House of Usher', can be found in this collection of Poe's work. These Gothic tales range from the poetic to the mysterious to the darkly comic.

Ghost Stories

by Charles Dickens

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Throughout his illustrious writing career, Charles Dickens often turned his hand to fashioning short pieces of ghostly fiction, chilling stories of coincidence, insanity and revenge. While all his supernatural tales aim to send a shiver down the spine, they are not without the usual traits of Dickens' flamboyant style: his subtle wit, biting irony, humorous incidents and moral observations.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and other stories

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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A masterpiece of Victorian literature. Why has Dr Jekyll begun to associate with the ugly and violent Mr Hyde? When Jekyll's friend Utterson tries to solve this mystery he uncovers a horrific story of murder and suffering which leads to the terrible revelation of Mr Hyde's true identity.

The Phantom of the Opera

by Gaston Leroux

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Perhaps best known for its many stage and screen adaptations, Gaston Leroux's brilliant and disturbing novel surpasses them all. Strange things are going on at the Paris Opera House; a mysterious phantom is wreaking havoc amongst the singers and backstage staff. But when new managers take over and dismiss the rumours of the Opera Ghost, the terror really begins. 

Classic Locked Room Mysteries

by David Stuart Davies

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This new anthology of gripping ‘locked room’ stories – they’re just as much about how dunnit as who dunnit – includes tales from many great mystery writers, including Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins and Edgar Allen Poe. Perfect for anyone who prefers a clever crime to a scary story.

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