The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart follows Alice from a life of isolation by the sea with her parents, to her grandmother’s native flower farm following a life-changing tragedy. When this trauma leaves her unable to speak, it is through the healing powers of the flowers that she re-learns how to trust and talk to those around her.


In The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, writer Holly Ringland has invented a whole language for the native flowers of her homeland Australia. The flowers that can be seen in Australia are totally unlike those found in the cooler climates of the UK, but in the novel, Ringland brings them all vibrantly to life. Here are some of the gorgeous flowers that feature in the novel, along with the meanings that Alice Hart attributes to them to express what she cannot to say.


Sturt’s desert pea

Have courage, take heart


Black fire orchid

Desire to possess


Cootamundra wattle

I wound to heal

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Yellow bells

Welcome to a stranger

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Bat’s wing coral tree

Cure for heartache

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Sticky everlasting

My love will not leave you

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