We're thrilled to announce the acquisition of two major new non-fiction titles in the area of business and pop-science.
  • Awake - The Surprising Myths About Self-Awareness and How to Have More of it in an Increasingly Self-Deluded World by bestselling author Tasha Eurich
  • The Power of Dreams - Blue Ocean Shift, follow up to the classic global bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy
Non-fiction Publisher Robin Harvie has pre-empted two major titles for 2017, acquiring UK and commonwealth rights to both.

Harvie says: 

'These are significant acquisitions for our UK and international markets as we look to establish a substantial presence in this growing area of the business, and we are thrilled to be working with these brilliant authors whose careers we hope to nurture over many years to come.'

Awake - The Surprising Myths About Self-Awareness and How to Have More of it in an Increasingly Self-Deluded World, was acquired from Grainne Fox at Fletcher & Co. Blue Ocean Shift, the follow up to the 3.5-million copy bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy, was acquired from Hachette Books US.

Awake by organisational psychologist and bestselling author Tasha Eurich will be a fascinating and enlightening exploration of everyone’s favorite topic: themselves. Self-awareness is the meta-skill of the 21st century. There is strong scientific evidence that self-aware people are happier and more satisfied with their relationships. Awake will map the journey to self-awareness, identify the key roadblocks and wrong turns, and ultimately show readers not just how to unlock their own self-awareness, but how to navigate an increasingly un-aware world.

Blue Ocean Shift is the essential follow up to the classic and 3.5-million copy global bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy. The book will show managers, through case studies, illustrations and stories, how you can move your business from Red Ocean (crowded with competition) to Blue Ocean (creating your own competition-free area). Blue Ocean Shift is a step-by-step guide on how to transform yourself, your division or your company through strategy, mind-set, culture and leadership. For ten years authors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne have experimented, consulted and studied Blue Ocean companies and organizations and teams, examining what worked, what didn't, and how to avoid potential pitfalls. The result is what it takes to succeed at every step of the transformation journey. Managers and leaders are empowered with practical, direct, hands-on insights at every turn, including people, organizational dynamics, and politics.