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Kate Eberlen's first novel Miss You is a witty, uplifting story of two lives criss-crossing but not quite aligning, perfect for anyone who loved One Day
 1.   There are many narrowly missed chances for Tess and Gus to meet throughout the book. Do you think they would have been right for each other if they had met properly when they were just eighteen?

2.   Gus sometimes feels anger and resentment towards his brother. Why do you think that is? Do you think it is fair for him to feel this way?

3.   Why does Tess feel she has to take on the role of parent to Hope? Do you think she makes the right choice?

4.   Doll’s life takes a very different path to that of Tess. Do Doll’s choices and lifestyle bring anything to light about Tess? Do you think Doll is a bad friend to Tess? And is Tess always a good friend to Doll?

5.   Tess and Gus’s lives are both changed irrevocably by the death of a loved one, but are those the only incidents that change the course they imagine for themselves? What do you think the book is saying about fate, circumstance and choice?

6.   Miss You is an unusual love story, in that the romantic leads do not meet until very near the end. What do you think about this? How does it compare to other love stories you’ve read?

7.   Do you see Tess and Gus’s stories in Miss You as being of equal interest? Was there a protagonist you enjoyed reading about more? 

8.   Miss You follows the rapid development of connectivity through the millennial years. In our increasingly connected world, do you think it’s easier to find a person who’s right for you? 
9.   Do you believe Tess and Gus were meant to be? Why? What do you think the book is saying about the idea of ‘The One’ – and do you agree?


Miss You
Kate Eberlen
A story of true love and near misses that spans nearly two decades. 
Tess and Gus are meant to be. They just haven't met properly yet. And perhaps they never will . . .
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