celebrating 30 years of seriously good fun. 

boxtree, pan macmillan’s imprint for humour, illustrated books and tv tie-ins, marks 30 years of publishing in 2016. 

always treating pop culture with the respect it deserves, boxtree has been the publishing partner for amongst others: star trek, star wars, james bond, batman, superman, the x-men, beavis & butthead, saved by the bell, the fast show, father ted, dilbert, purple ronnie, the onion, viz, the simpsons, baywatch, borat and mr bean.
in recent years it has been the home for humour classics such as modern tosscrap townsmock the weekgoggleboxsh*t my dad says by justin halpern, reasons my kid is crying by greg pembroke and the bestselling fifty sheds of grey trowelogy. boxtree publish scarlett says by gogglebox’s funniest star, scarlett moffat on 21st april 2016.
humour is not the only area when boxtree has a strong list which captures the pop cultural moment: it has developed a select list of crafting and activity titles, including the bestselling the mindfulness colouring book by emma farrarons and anti-stress dot-to-dot by emily milne wallis. it also has a strong lineage in beautiful highly-illustrated titles including the geometry of pasta by jacob kennedy and caz hildebrand, an atlas of countries that don’t exist by nick middleton and little people in the city by slinkachu.


'looking at the books that boxtree has published over the last thirty years is a form of pop culture time travel. i challenge anyone not to feel a pang of nostalgia when they see the journals of beth jordache, or in yer face by zig and zag. what's clear is that even though the individual projects have changed, what has remained constant is the unwavering commitment to doing this sort of publishing properly and to find ways of celebrating pop culture in book form. this is something we remain completely committed to today, in an entertainment landscape unrecognisable from 1986. we want to keep publishing books that you know as soon as you see them will make someone happy.'

jamie coleman, commissioning editor, boxtree

we need you!

throughout boxtree’s anniversary we really want to involve the wider creative community – all those people behind the memes that break the internet, calm our souls with crafting, produce art that makes you think or cartoons that make you giggle.

so please join us @boxtreebooks where we will be tweeting stuff about our list but also anything else that makes life a bit happier, sillier and more stimulating. we’ll keep you posted about live events, competitions, rewarding both exciting talent spots and new talent and helping you solve those big dilemmas – such as the best secret santa book gift for that person in the office you want to subtly insult. we are here to help.

see what we're getting up to @boxtreebooks

looking ahead, boxtree will continue to be the home for the very best of pop culture, humour and illustrated publishing. here's a glimpse at what you can expect from our 30th year.

great britain in colour
paul farrell

a beautifully illustrated journey through the british isles by one of the country's top illustrators.

coming september 2016 

sad animal facts 
brooke barker

a delightfully quirky compendium of the animal kingdom's more unfortunate truths based on the instagram phenomenon.

coming september 2016. 

the edible city
a year of wild food
john rensten

a beautifully illustrated guide to making use of the wild ingredients that surround us in the city from restaurateur and photographer john rensten.

coming september 2016

mindfulness moments 
colouring for everyday wellbeing
emma farrarons

a stunning, pocket-sized colouring and activity book, from international bestselling illustrator emma farrarons, offers practical exercises in mindfulness to help you to colour your way to peace and calm.

coming september 2016

match annual 2017

the number one annual for football fans from the makers of the uk's best football magazine.

coming september 2016

doug the pug 
leslie mosier 

the internet’s new favourite dog. doug is a pug who loves to dress up. from game of pug to breaking pug and pug is the new black, his hilarious videos of pop-culture icons have been viewed almost three quarters of a billion times. 

coming october 2016

on the prowl
rupert fawcett

the follow-up to off the leash - but this time for cats! with a hugely popular following on facebook, on the prowl has developed a regular daily following of more than 100,000 cat  lovers from around the world.

coming october 2016

great british soups
new covent garden soup company

a celebration of tasty, comforting soup recipes from every corner of great britain, for soup lovers everywhere.

with classic recipes lovingly sourced from around the british isles, great british soups is full of ideas for matching local ingredients with regional flavours to make hearty, healthy soups for you and your family.

coming october 2016

the racoon who thought she was a dog

the first book from instagram’s sweetheart, pumpkin the racooon

coming october 2016

the perpetual disappointment diary

a hilariously downbeat parody of the executive diary. fifty two weeks worth of de-motivational quotes for anyone whose glass is not only half empty but has the wrong drink in it too.

coming october 2016