Jim Chapman on ... finding the 'one'

26 September 2017

Ever wonder whether you'll find the one? You're not alone, as that's the number one question fans asked Jim Chapman to answer in his new book 147 Things

One of the least helpful ideas ever created about love is that there is the ‘one’ out there. Your heart’s counterpart. The yin to your yang. The only person that will ever truly understand you. I totally get it; when you’re in love, you feel as if no other person could ever be as special in your life. It really does feel as if they are the only one you could possibly love. And it’s true that no one else could ever be in your life in exactly the same way. But the maths just doesn’t hold up. Think about it for a minute – if there is a ‘one’ for everyone on the planet, what are the chances that so many of them come from the same school, the same office, or the same town? If there was a ‘one’ for everyone on the planet, surely they’d be dispersed randomly, separated by thousands of miles, never to meet. With 7 billion individuals spread across the face of the Earth, if every person had only one soulmate, the world would be full to the brim of lonely humans. But you should definitely not drunk text. That is never a good idea.

And maybe we should be worrying more about falling out of love, rather than falling in love...

*The above extract is taken from 147 Things

147 Things

147 Things

147 Things is Jim Chapman's very personal guide to this thing we call life. 

Ever wondered if first times are over-rated (hint: they are), whether you’ll ever find the one (hint: there are 7 billion of us) or pondered the sheer unlikelihood of the you who is you being in the world right now? If so, then YouTube superstar and fact-obsessed, over-sharer Jim Chapman is here to explain it all – whether it’s why your heart actually aches after a break-up, what’s happening when you get hangry, or why people are just so plain RUDE online.

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