by susan heads

market street: police station and kate daniels hq.
mosley street: where newcastle’s club scene is centered.
byker bridge: where a meeting takes place with a informant.

royal victoria infirmary (rvi): one of two incidents takes place here.
silverlink industrial estate: the first of two cases takes place here.

exhibition park: kate passes here on her way to meet a witness in paddy freeman’s park (heaton road)

kate daniels, working at the city’s incident room in market street, has a lot on her plate. she is called to two crime scenes within a short space of time – silverlink and the rvi. two inconspicuous places, but ones that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.
investigations take the team deep in to the heart of newcastle – to ‘club land’ in and around mosley street to find witnesses and links to the crimes.

newcastle quayside.

kate has her work cut out. under pressure to solve this case and to raise the flagging morale of her team, she’s battling tensions from all sides. kate daniels backed into a corner? she fights and then she fights some more. this is no ordinary case and she is keen to protect witnesses as she gets to the truth.
as the investigation continues, she heads up to blanchland, 'the exquisitely tranquil village . . . at the heart of catherine cookson country . . . built from the stone of a twelfth-century abbey, the village hadn’t changed in centuries.'


visiting a local beauty spot as part of such a brutal investigation – as was the case when whitby flagged up as a place of interest – is in direct contrast to the reasons why she is there. remote, rural and for kate, dangerous too.
as the case progresses, the investigation takes her and ds hank gormley north of the border to glasgow and edinburgh. links with one criminal family have a bearing on the entire newcastle case. yet the ‘fish out of water’ works well for hank’s wit to shine through here - regarding the ‘funny money’ that the scots use and the notion of ‘geordistan’. and the lesser-known and rather less fashionable meaning behind d & g.
when the net widens and the investigation takes kate across to the continent, to the rojales region of mainland spain, near alicante, the book races to a thrilling finale. but we’ll stop there since to say anymore would be to spoil the shocks in store. and there are plenty. believe me.

a longer version of this article was first published at the book trail.