at least ten people work on each book that mantle publishes, all helping to get the author’s words into the hands of readers. next in our series introducing the mantle team is publicity manager, francesca pearce.

describe your job in one sentence.  

having conversations with people i admire about books i love and finding the right way to communicate the message to readers.
how would your friends describe you? 

the person who cries at the drop of the hat and is always making a toast to something.
any secret hobbies/skills? 

sadly, no. this is it.
what was your greatest piece of luck? 

getting my entire family in to see bruce springsteen for my birthday in madrid this year with fake tickets (completely unintentional).
what makes you happy? 

being in the company of the people i love.
what was the book that made you fall in love with reading? 

the faraway tree by enid blyton. memories of reading late in to the night with a torch, trying to visit as many lands as possible before school the next day.
which book do you most often recommend to friends? 

i would recommend the secret history by donna tartt over and over again. the most compelling and absorbing book that i’ve ever read. i always recommend sharp objects by gillian flynn. it is my go to psychological thriller. i’ve read it over and over again and it still gives me the chills all over.
what do you love about mantle books? 

i think that every book under the mantle imprint is a fantastic piece of storytelling, but it’s the characters that really tend to stay with you. not one the same.
who is your favourite literary character? 

any character written by irvine welsh.
who would be in your dream book club?

we’ve actually just started a mantlenbook club and that’s what dream book clubs are made of.
what has been the highlight of your career to date? 

probably the light bulb moment i realised that working in books was feasible and life didn’t have to be forever dull.
what advice would you give to someone wanting to work in publishing? 

if you really love books then persevere, but tenacity and passion is key.
what advise would you give someone who wants to become a published author? 

first of all, props to anyone who has written a book. what an incredible feat. i would advise researching books that could be most likened to your own, and who they are represented by. i would then contact those literary agents with a succinct pitch and a few chapters for them to look through. good luck!