We are delighted to announce the winners of our Shore To Shore poetry competition.

Our winners were picked by the Picador Poetry team and Poetry Editor and award-winning poet Don Paterson.

Falmouth - Pippa Stilwell 

Bath – Lara Klinpikuln 

Oxford - Steve McGloin
Chipping Norton -Sue Leigh
Monmouth – Brenda Sorrell
Oswestry - Trixie Roberts
Caernerfon - Robert Greig 
Stockport / Bramhall - Narin Kennedy 
Carlisle - Tony Hendry 
Corebridge - Colin Bancroft
St Boswells – Laurna Robertson
Biggar - Derek Hodgekiss
St Andrews - Aileen Ballantyne

The winners will receive a copy of Off The Shelf: A Celebration of Bookshops in Versea brand new anthology published by Picador to coincide with the Shore to Shore tour as well as the Collected Poems of Carol Ann Duffy, Clive James, Michael Donaghy and Sean O’Brien.

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