Today sees the launch of Shaun Keaveny’s Not So Simple, a new podcast that showcases Smart Thinkers at Pan Macmillan, an impressive list of exciting voices in popular science and personal development.

Over an initial ten episode run, the 6Music Breakfast Show host and stand-up comedian will feature interviews with experts in biology, psychology, economics, and business, as well as featuring exclusive audio extracts from their upcoming books.

The first episode is now available on iTunes, acast and Soundcloud and features Steven Johnson (Everything Bad Is Good For You and How We Got To Now) discussing his new book Wonderland, a new intertwined history of recreation and innovation. Shaun Keaveny will be tweeting about the podcast to his followers and the podcast launch will be supported by paid advertising on the Acast podcast network.

Listen to the first episode

Authors and episodes scheduled to appear in the coming months include:

 - Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett on the complex ways emotions are constructed by the brain (How Emotions Are Made)

- Behavioural economist Caroline Webb on practical and scientifically proven methods to improve your mood (How to Have a Good Day)

- Thought leader and psychologist Dr Tasha Eurich on the increasingly necessary metaskill of self-awareness (Insight)

- NASA scientist Steve Casner divulging the surprising science behind everyday accidents (Careful!)

- Jonathan Taplin, a former tour manager of The Band and film producer for Martin Scorsese, on the war on culture being waged by the world’s biggest technology companies (Move Fast and Break Things).

Shaun Keaveny:

'Shaun Keaveny’s Not So Simple… that’ll teach me not to come up with my own podcast title, won’t it? Well, I may be not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my guests on these upcoming shows certainly are. Join me as I aim to become more clever via osmosis during my chats with some great writers.'

Dusty Miller, Pan Mac Nonfiction Communications Director:

'We’d like to apologise to Shaun for the podcast title. He is one of our favourite broadcasters and we’re all really excited about his hosting the show and revealing how topical, accessible and helpful these books are.’

For more information or to listen to the podcast on iTunes, acast or Soundcloud visit

Find out more about the Smart Thinkers at Pan Macmillan here