1) Do you agree with Jane’s decision to uproot her family and what do you think the primary driving forces behind this were?

2) Discuss Jane and David’s relationship. What are the key factors in their marital breakdown?

3) Compare Sam and Max’s friendship with Jane and Melanie’s friendship.

4) How do Jane and Melanie’s approaches to parenting differ?

5) How important is the notion of belonging in this book, particularly in relation to moving to a new community?

6) Overall, which character in the book did you feel most sympathetic towards and why?

7)  Discuss the decisions made at the end of the book. How do you think these would impact upon the Berry family’s future?

8) Discuss the author’s writing style. Which passage of the story stood out for you the most?

9) If you could ask the author a question about the novel, what would it be?

10)  Have you read the author’s previous novels, This Perfect World and The Child Inside? If so, how do the themes of The Safest Place compare?