Overcoming despair: 
We cannot work our way rationally out of real despair.  What matters is to have faith in life; and never to forget the power of laughter either.

Life Lessons from Bergson

Use intuition to make decisions:
Intuition lies somewhere in the middle of a continuum with instinct at one extreme and rational response at the other; it is instinct trained by intelligence. So how are we to make good decisions?...very carefully.

Life Lessons from Freud

Be modest:
We must come to appreciate our insignificance in the world as adults. In doing so, we can enjoy lives of greater modesty, with the scope for more realistic achievement and less fantastic failure.

Life Lessons from Hobbes

We tend to think [we have more] understanding that other people. But this is just a trick of perspective...This overinflated sense of our own merit is nothing other than pride...We are in reality pretty much equal in capacity.

Life Lessons from Nietzsche

Dealing with conflict:
Rather than just being angry and disgusted, explore the motivation behind your desire to lash out.

Life Lessons from Byron

How to hope:
The highest form of hope we could have would be to hope without trying to work out what we are hoping for.