We are delighted to reveal the worldwide jackets for This Was A Man, the final volume in Jeffrey Archer’s hugely popular series, The Clifton Chronicles.


"I think the covers for the Clifton Chronicles have been outstanding. but don’t read too much into the image on the cover of This Was A Man, because you may get a surprise."
Jeffrey Archer

When reflecting on finishing writing the final volume, Jeffrey says
“After seven years and seven volumes, it was a weird feeling for the first time to write 'The End'. In the first six books I don't put the 'The End' on the last page, because it isn't the end, you have to go to the next page, which is the first page of the next book. So to physically write those words after seven years was quite something, and I leapt in the air and screamed "Alleluia" – because it has come to an end, and of course because I am very, very excited about the way in which it has done so.”

Here is Jeffrey writing the final words on the This Was A Man manuscript!               

                Now the series is coming to an end – we hope you enjoy the final instalment, This Was A Man, which will be published worldwide in November 2016.

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