David Cesarani's Final Solution

26 January 2016

By Pan Macmillan

27 January marks Holocaust Memorial Day, an annual commemoration of those who died in the Nazi genocide and a celebration of those who survived.  

On 28 January this year, Pan Macmillan publishes the late David Cesarani’s
Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-49

The fruit of a lifetime’s research, Final Solution is a brilliant reappraisal of the Holocaust, in which Professor Cesarani challenges the accepted explanations and examines, in often harrowing detail and through vivid personal accounts, exactly how – and why – Nazi policies against Europe’s Jewish population unfolded. 

David Cesarani’s editor, Georgina Morley said: 

'It has been a great privilege to be a small part of the book’s journey to publication. It is a magisterial work of history and it is a great sadness that the author, who died in October, is not here to see his book published and enjoy the deservedly excellent reviews it has already received.  I, as is everyone at Pan Macmillan, am enormously proud to be his publisher'

‘A brilliant synthesis and interpretation of the greatest crime of the modern era ... There is so much of value in this harrowing and extraordinary book that it's hard to encompass in a review ... There are stories here I didn't know and could scarcely have imagined ... A book that demands to be read and deserves every historical award going' 

Oliver Kamm, The Times


‘A masterly overview of the Holocaust … Final Solution will take its place among the most authoritative surveys of the persecution and murder of European Jewry during the Second World War’

Michael Marrus, Financial Times


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Final Solution

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