Sunday evening saw the return of the UK’s favorite period drama Downton Abbey for its sixth and final series. But not to worry if you’ve not yet caught up – we aren’t about to give you any spoilers. Instead, in the spirit of kindness, we wanted to let you know about the perfect book to quell your Downton Abbey fix while you’re waiting for next weekend’s episode….

Margaret Pemberton’s A Season of Secrets is the perfect antidote to all of your Downton pangs with it’s incredibly comforting Yorkshire set Upstairs/Downstairs plot. Sweeping from the Great War, through the Jazz Age to the 1940s, this unforgettable tale follows the entwined lives of the Fentons, an aristocratic family from Gorton Hall in Yorkshire.

It was early morning and eight-year-old Carrie Thornton sat on a sheep-studded hillside, her arms hugging her knees, her face wet with tears. Below her, in one of the loveliest valleys North Yorkshire possessed, a river curved. On its far bank, beyond an ancient three-arched stone bridge, lay a Georgian mansion sheltered by trees.

With blurred vision and deeply apprehensive, Carrie stared down at it. Gorton Hall was the home of the Fenton family, and Carrie had sensed that, where the Fenton family was concerned, she had started on a long and very special journey . . .”

And so in celebration of all things Downton here is the first chapter for you to indulge in.