Dirt is not the enemy. So says Dr. Josh Axe, author of groundbreaking new book Eat Dirt, which reveals why leaky gut could be the root cause of your health problems. As well as explaining the hidden epidemic, Dr. Axe demonstrates how you can heal it, and it’s easy to start by eating more of these top six gut protecting foods.

1. Bone broth can transform your health. Both bone broth and collagen protein powder contain amino acids such as proline, glycine, and glutamine that help repair the gut lining. Along with gut-sealing collagen, bone broth is full of minerals — calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur — in forms that your body can easily absorb.

2. Fermented vegetables enhance nutrients by making them more easily absorbed by the body, while restoring vital bacteria to your gut.

3.Coconut products are high in lauric acid, which kills pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.

4. Fermented dairy (yogurt and kefir) provide you with healthy bacteria to start rebalancing your gut flora.

5. Cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

6. Organic meat products such as wild-caught fish and grassfed beef are high in omega-3 fats and protein, which help reduce inflammation and rebuild healthy cells.
Affecting 80% of the population, leaky gut syndrome is the root cause of a litany of ailments, including chronic inflammation, allergies, autoimmune diseases, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, and even arthritis. 

In Eat Dirt, Dr Axe identifies the five main types of leaky gut syndrome and offers customizable 30-day plans for diagnosing and treating each 'gut type' with diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. He explains that it's essential to get a little 'dirty' in our daily lives in order to support our gut bacteria and prevent leaky gut syndrome.

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