'If The Romantic Dogs was a man…' Newbooks have fallen for Roberto Bolano.

The full review:

'Roberto Bolano is an incredible poet; it's a wonder that this secret has been hidden for so long from the English language. The Romantic Dogs contains forty-four of his poems which are presented both in Spanish and in English. Non-Spanish speakers needn't feel left out; it is quite something to see both versions of the poem beside one another. As any good collection of poems should do, The Romantic Dogs spans a variety of subject matter and emotions; infatuation, loathing, hope, despair, South America and motorcycles. Each poem is incredibly vivid; unique imagine after unique image.

If The Romantic Dogs was a man, I would marry him; mysterious, exotic, charming, humorous, tender, exciting. In short, Bolano’s poetry is a rich dessert of delicious poems.'

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