Richard Evans, Senior Designer at Pan Macmillan and Picador talks about the process of designing the cover for Ten Stories About Smoking.


'We have had a few challenges with the artwork as this is not something we would normally do but Production have helped pull the whole project together and they have been amending details of the folding box as we go along.  I hope it is going to be a beautiful package when it finally appears and that everyone likes it as much as we do here in Art.

The brief was quite simple in that we were asked to come up with a slip case and book based around the idea of a packet of cigarettes. It had to be graphic, bold and striking something you would pick up and instantly want to own, whilst having a classic and iconic feel it didn’t want to copy any existing brand for obvious copyright reasons.

I chose the design group Two Associates as they have a strong graphic approach and I knew they would embrace the brief and  come up with suggestions about how the whole package could work (outer case, book cover and endpapers etc...)'

Ten Stories about Smoking by Stuart Evers is available now.

Read a short story about smoking.