In honour of Burns Night on 25 January, here are some of the best books set in Scotland. 

The Cone-Gatherers Robin Jenkins

The Cone-Gatherers

Born in 1912, Robin Jenkins was named 'the greatest living fiction-writer in Scotland (The Scotsman) before his death, and was awarded the Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun Award in 2002 for an outstanding contribution to Scottish life.

Inspired by Jenkins' own experience as a conscientious objector in the Second World War, this classic of Scottish literature explores the idea of sacrifice, nature and war.

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Sunset Song

Voted as Scotland's favourite book by way of a public vote in 2005, Lewis Grassic Gibbon's 1932 novel is an examination of the life of a woman growing up in rural Scotland during the early twentieth century.

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Robert Burns Selected Poems and Songs

Selected Poems and Songs

It would be impossible to forget Robert Burns, Scotland's most celebrated poet. Also check out our list of our favourite Scottish poems, in honour of Burns Night on the 25th January.

'The Poetic Genius of my Country...bade me sing the loves, the joys, the rural scenes and rural pleasures of my natal Soil, in my native tongue.'

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