What better place to celebrate the launch of Burial Rites, a wonderful, moving novel set in cold, dark Iceland, than The Thames Tunnel Shaft? Here are some of the pictures of an evening that was far from cold - though it was dark! - which was run in partnership with Yelp!. All photos © i'vereadthat.com.

The shaft was built in 1825 to access the first tunnel under the river Thames and it was here, after guests crawled through a four-foot-high passage and down a very high set of scaffolding steps, that 130 people gathered to hear Hannah Kent talk about her novel. Here it is, the stage all set, complete with fur rugs to set the Icelandic scene and photos from Hannah's last trip to Iceland on the wall.

Some Icelandic delights: smoked salmon on rye bread with hollandaise sauce and lingonberry jam, and quails' eggs with celery salt.

Picador publisher Paul Baggaley listens to author Hannah Kent talking about what moved her to write about a place so far from her home in Adelaide, Australia, and what drew her to her central character, Agnes.

Look how far underground we were!

Hannah Kent

Waiting to get our copies of Burial Rites signed by Hannah

It was a long queue...

A signed copy!

See some of Hannah's photographs from Iceland