Forty years ago, the first edition of Awakenings was published in England. It was the second book by a little-known doctor, Oliver Sacks (the first was Migraine).

Awakenings told the extraordinary Rip-van-Winkle story that would inspire so many readers and quite a few dramatic adaptations, including a Hollywood film starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, a one-act play by Harold Pinter, a ballet composed by Tobias Picker, and a short film by Bill Morrison and Philip Glass. Awakenings continues to inspire people around the world with the courage of these long-forgotten people immersed in the most profound illness and then reemerging into life.

Dr Sacks says, "It took me several years to write Awakenings; it was not easy, so I was very relieved and happy when I finally had the proofs in my hands. My publisher wanted to defer the book's publication so that excerpts of it could appear in the Sunday Times, but I was adamant--I wanted it out before my fortieth birthday, so that I could say, 'I may be forty, and it may be downhill from here, but at least I have done something: I have written Awakenings.'"

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