Forty years ago this month Eric Clapton made an inflammatory speech in support of Enoch Powell and ‘black’ repatriation, sparking an anti-racism campaign that would radicalise a generation.

Daniel Rachel's Walls Come Tumbling Down charts the pivotal period between 1976 and 1992 that saw politics and pop music come together as never before to challenge racism, gender inequality and social and class divisions. 

Listen to Daniel's soundtrack to the music and politics of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone, and Red Wedge.

Read an extract from Walls Come Tumbling Down on the birth of Rock Against Racism. 

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Daniel Rachel's Walls Come Tumbling Down is published on 8th September 2016.

Daniel will be discussing Rock Against Racism with Billy Bragg at the People's History Museum, Manchester on 3rd September. Information and tickets available here.

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