I had to share this wonderful review for John Kinsella's new collection, Armour, in Stride magazine. Armour, which has been shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize, is described as 'a brilliant and necessary book'.

‘Kinsella seems to be urging us to reconsider what it is that makes us cohere. And to value it. To reconsider which 'armours' we might necessarily sport to protect us, and what protections and postures we might need also to question and do away with - are we just white punks in armour, or are we up for something that is altogether more culturally, politically and spiritually rewarding? And to pull that kind of philosophical enquiry off in poetry is a challenging and wonderful thing; a task that a great poet of Kinsella's standing is truly up to. A brilliant and necessary book.’

You can read the full text of the review here.