The Cloud Corporation by Brooklyn-based poet Timothy Donnelly, published here in October, has already caused a stir in the US. Here are some of the wonderful reviews it's already earned . . .


‘This is an extraordinary collection – the poetry of the future, here, todayOmnivorous, fast-forward, bull-in-a-china-shop poems that deliver more beauty per minute than can comfortably be withstood . . . This is my favorite book of the yearThe poems of Timothy Donnelly astonish by their inventive intelligence . . . We learn that self-knowledge can be adequate to knowledge of the world, in all its violence and complexity’ New Yorker


‘Dramatic tension, humor, lyrical profundity. This is an utterly ingenious and proudly inclusive voice . . . a sensibility so urgent we find ourselves momentarily re-inventing the term Poet’ Huffington Post


Be sure to pick up a copy of the novel yourself!

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