By Robin Robertson

I sit, astonished by the pink kite:
its scoop and plunge, the briefness of it;
an escaped blouse, a pocket of silk
thumping like a heart
tight above the shimmering hill.
The sheer snap and plummet
sculpting the air's curve, the sky's chambers.
An affair with the wind's body;
a feeling for steps in the rising air, a love
sustained only by the high currents
and the hopeless gesture of the heart's hand.

The kitemaster has gone, invisible
over the hard horizon;
wind walks the grass between us.
I see the falling,
days later feel the crash.


From Robin Robertson's A Painted Field, the very first Picador Poetry collection, published in February 1997. 

The Picador Poetry list is twenty years old this month, and from the outset has had one simple aim: to publish the best writers working across the entire art form. 

Inaugurated in I997 with the poet Robin Robertson’s first collection A Painted Field, Picador Poetry has grown to become one of the UK’s leading poetry imprints with a stable of around thirty-five poets. 

Picador publishes many of the most important English-language poets of the age, including Carol Ann Duffy, Sean O’Brien, Kathleen Jamie, Paul Farley, Jackie Kay, Denise Riley and Billy Collins, and leads the field in prizes and awards. 

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