Every week we'll be choosing a poem to share with you. It might be one that we publish at Picador Poetry, or it might be a much-loved classic.

This week's poem, 'Quartz' by Jen Hadfield, opens out of a moment of dream-like attention. The fire stored up in stones brings to mind other forms of latent power and creativity. I love the directness of the last lines, their faith in wondering.

after Eeva Kilpi

As the light relaxes its hold
I will continue in the valley
to lather, like two chunks
of soap, quartz
between my palms,
while dim moths settle
on dim cushions
of campion.

The milky faces of the mineral
shear together, flint forth
claret sparks, like fireflies.

Don't tell me, if you know
how it happens.

Byssus by Jen Hadfield 'Quartz' is published in Jen Hadfield's collection Byssus.

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