By Nairn Kennedy

'There's no such thing as society' - Margaret Thatcher
I miss the buzz, of course; all the girls
humming and heaving,
swapping round the party pheromones
swarming with the day’s orders.
Brilliance, I call it. No more slogging round
the dandelion clock; just don’t go back
to another bad case of hives.
All the nectar I swig myself;
wallow in the sun like a furry pineapple,
sleep it off parcelled inside a snapdragon.
Night time I’d never seen before:
the sky has tiny petals
like stopped raindrops.
Now, the world’s slowed down;
inside snarled flowers
nectar’s turned to tree-gum,
while, like the point of my sting,
tomorrow seems to grow ever smaller.
Nairn Kennedy's 'Solitaire' was one of the winning poems in our Shore To Shore poetry competition, which ran alongside Carol Ann Duffy's Shore To Shore tour and asked budding poets to share their poems on community with us. 

The winners were chosen by the Picador Poetry team and Poetry Editor and award-winning poet Don Paterson. 

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