By Denise Riley

I don’t resemble my face.
Once it had looked like me.
Who’d have seriously thought
Damage would pounce again.
No, nothing ever gets learnt.
Some slaps and yet another
Bright blind sunshiny day.
Maybe that’s as well, since
Experience deduces in tears
The odds-on return of harm.
Better then not to study
Its adamant heartsick brief.

From Denise Riley's Say Something Back

A deeply moving document of grieving and loss by one of our finest writers, Say Something Back allows readers to see why Denise Riley is held in such high regard by her fellow poets. 

'Denise Riley is a poet that I’ve admired for many years. She’s also one of the very few poets on whose importance just about all other poets seem able to agree, whether they're from the avant-garde or ‘mainstream’ camps. (Another might be WS Graham, who provides the book’s epigraph and title.) It’s a privilege to be publishing this astonishing new collection, one I’m certain will bring this brilliant, challenging, moving and wise poet the large audience she has long deserved.'

Don Paterson 

Read 'Tree seen from bed' from the collection here. 

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