Huge congratulations to Picador poet Glyn Maxwell, who has been given a Cholmondeley Award by the Society of Authors.

The awards were founded in 1966 by the late Dowager Marchioness of Cholmondeley in 1966 to recognise the achievement and distinction of individual poets.

The judges for this year's award, given to poets for their overall body of work and contribution to poetry, were Mimi Khalvati, Ian Patterson, Fiona Sampson, and Michael Symmons Roberts.

Glyn's poetry inlcudes the collections Pluto and Hide Now; his selected poems were published in 2011. This poem, 'The Ages' is from Pluto.

The Ages

Let’s get this straight. It may be fairly said
that yes I roamed the earth when you were not.
That yes I had my small talk with the dead
and wept to hear some President got shot
trying to enjoy the play. For sure my world
had wars in it and peace and far and wide
I sauntered – all the stories you were told
have me in them somewhere, off to the side.
But all the stuff I know has you somewhere.
And I’ve been trying to do this since half-four.
So all that to and fro means nothing more
to me than time I took and time I make,
yawning and fretting in this garden chair,
whiling away the ages till you wake.