Earlier this year Kate Tempest recorded a performance of Brand New Ancients at Strathmore Publishing's recording studio for the audio version of her epic poem. Ginnie Steiner was on hand to take some photographs so you can see what went on behind the scenes...

While Kate performed the poem:

Kate Tempest
Kate Tempest (c) Ginnie Steiner

A whole orchestra accompanied her:

Brand New Ancients drummer (c) Ginnie Steiner

Brand New Ancients tuba player (c) Ginnie Steiner

Brand New Ancients violinist (c) Ginnie Steiner

Brand New Ancients cellist (c) Ginnie Steiner

Kate Tempest
Kate Tempest (c) Ginnie Steiner

What they produced is a staggeringly powerful piece of poetry. You can listen to an extract here.

Written and performed by Kate Tempest
Score composed by Nell Catchpole
Musical accompaniment by Kwake Bass, Raven Bush, Jo Gibson and Natasha Zielazinksi
Sound engineer: Alex Gent
Sound mixing: Frank Verderosa

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