Picador poet Kathleen Jamie's poetry collection The Bonniest Companie has won the 2016 Saltire Society Book of the Year. 

The Saltire Society Literature Awards are given to books by living authors of Scottish descent or residing in Scotland or the book subject must be the work or life of a Scot or with a Scottish question, event or situation.

The fifty-one poems in The Bonniest Companie, written during 2014, the year of the independence referendum, examine Jamie's native Scotland - a country at once wild and contained, rural and urban - and her place within it. 
'23/9/14' from the collection was written three days after the Scottish referendum. 


So here we are,
                      dingit doon and weary,
happed in tattered hopes
                                     (an honest poverty).
Wir flags are wede awa,
                       the withered leaves o shilpit trees
blaw across deserted squares,
                                                and the wind
                             – harbinger of winter –
quests round the granite statues
                             – and so on and etcetera.
We ken a’ that. It’s Tuesday. On wir feet.
Today we begin again.


From Kathleen Jamie's The Bonniest Companie.

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