Australian writer and director, Fred Schepisi was originally intending to begin work on a film based on Don Quixote when he was urged to consider Graham Swift's 1996 Booker Prize winning novel.

Schepisi felt that Last Orders had been brought to his attention "probably because it appeared to be difficult to make into a film and that I'd probably like that challenge".

"In Graham Swift's original book, the chapters are done from various people's viewpoint.  There's a chapter on Jack, one on Amy, one for Ray etc.  When you're in that chapter, you see a number of facets in the whole life of a group of people. That's what drew me to it, the fact that it's such a rich journey and to be able to glimpse a group of people's lives from so many different points of view.  It's a pretty rare opportunity in films," says Schepisi.

Last Orders is a film about ordinary people, but far from ordinary was the cast recruited to help bring the tale of four friends to the big screen. Strong performances from Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, Michael Caine and Ray Winstone helped sculpt a story that stayed faithful to Graham Swift’s book. 

As Ray himself puts it  “It's a beautiful book and this is a beautiful film."