Less Than Zero is 25 years old, that's a quarter of a century, yet the original cover hasn't aged a bit.

When the anniversary edition of Less Than Zero came in to the office I was overjoyed to see the cover. I thought it was sharp, modern and very understated. It is certainly something that would catch my eye on a bookshelf. It also inspired me to track down a copy of the original UK edition.

I asked around, I searched high and low, online and offline for a copy, even an image of the original book but I couldn't find one.

I had one resource open to me that I hadn't yet thought to check. Our archive.

Several emails, a couple of phone calls and a few days later, something arrived in the office for me labelled "ARCHIVE".

It must be said, it was certainly worth the wait. I hadn't actually seen an original copy before, I'd only seen a copy of the paperback that was released alongside the film in 1987. (Thanks @kingadz)

The first UK edition is simple, stylish and understated. One look and you are taken back to Los Angeles circa 1985. Less Than Zero has had many looks over the years, but this one has stood the test of time - more so than anything else I could think of. 

Which is your favourite Less Than Zero cover?

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