‘Jenny Lawson is the QUEEN of saying too much, and then saying something even worse.  And that is why I adore her’ Caitlin Moran

After seeing the rave reviews that Jenny Lawson’s hilarious and outrageous book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened had garnered (see below) we decided to take advantage of people’s desire for a copy: we’d award copies of the book to the best five stories of embarrassing childhood memories on the hashtag #letspretendthisneverhappened.

The responses were fantastic, so, to their embarrassment (well these guys must be used to it by now), we’ve listed them below!

As a naive laddie I offered sanitary towels to my grandmother while she was weeping at a funeral reception.

Over Sunday lunch, I asked what sperm was and if you could eat it. Age 7.

Tied myself to school railings showing off knot-prowess. Had to be rescued by a teacher.

My dad came on our school trip and fell in the lake.

Age 7 used the 'really cool sink with lots of plugholes' to wash hands after loo. Was a urinal.

Fell off my bike dragging my chin through gravel before a party & was told it looked like I had facial stubble.

Was tied up by my pet goat, Heidi. She was on a chain and ran around me until it was wrapped around my legs.

A pigeon landed on my head and perched whilst I drew attention to it by wailing loudly. Aged 6.

'Drove' my dad's car over the edge of a hillside. Was stopped by a big hedge after half a metre. I was 2.

Have a read of the very beginning of Jenny's own embarrassing moments in this extract from her book. 

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