London Unfurled for iPad is now available worldwide in the Apple App Store and iTunes.


‘London Unfurled Squeezes 37-Foot Artworks Into iPad’ --

‘Sit down with a whisky and enjoy the London Unfurled iPad app by Matteo Pericoli. This one's for London lovers, people who adore the Thames-side landscape, and the history along the banks’. -- Huffington Post

‘London Unfurled offers just enough features to feel like a properly interactive app but no so many as to feel overwhelming. The result is the chance to sit and really get immersed in a work of art.’ -- Telegraph

Created especially for the iPad, London Unfurled offers a unique way to discover one of the world’s most famous cities. Explore Matteo Pericoli’s incredible drawings of the north and south banks of the Thames, from Hammersmith Bridge to the Millennium Dome. 



  • Scroll the entire drawing seamlessly from end to end, or autoscroll
  • Zoom-in to extraordinary detail of the landmarks and bridges along the river Thames
  • Flip from the north bank of the Thames to the south
  • Jump from place to place, finding famous landmarks
  • Discover over a hundred points of interest with added facts and amazing background information
  • Share your favourite views with your friends, telling your own London story on a digital postcard.
  • Read introductions from Will Self and Iain Sinclair


In addition, Matteo Pericoli opens up his experience of creating this intimate work of art in audio voiceover highlights, giving an exclusive insight into the work behind London Unfurled. In 2009 Matteo Pericoli (author of the bestselling iconic book Manhattan Unfurled) made an intensive twenty-mile journey along the River Thames, from Hammersmith Bridge to the Millennium Dome and back again. Over two years later, he finished the most astonishing document of his journey: two thirty-seven-foot-long freehand pen-and-ink drawings.



Both drawings, rendered with loving and essay-like detail, are digitally reproduced in this app; together they reveal a distinct profile of London in all its glorious diversity: a dozen boroughs, nineteen bridges and hundreds of buildings, including the Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern, Battersea Power Station and the Millennium Wheel.

Unique, interactive and intimate, London Unfurled for iPad is the perfect way for everybody to explore London in the twenty-first century. Whether you’ve lived there all your life, or have never been at all, encountering the heart of London through this breathtaking work of art is an experience you’ll never forget.



‘A capital new iPad book-app.’ -- Stuart Dredge, Apps blog, 

‘This is a rather odd book and that made it a truly fascinating project for an app…This is truly an example of content that works better in digital than in paper.’ -- Nate Hoffelder, Media 

‘Both drawings, rendered with loving and essay-like detail, are digitally reproduced in this app; together they reveal a distinct profile of London in all its glorious diversity’ -– 

‘This Pericoli’s project, probably destined for becoming a new bestseller, was just published as a book by Picador, but it is also a new application for iPad in which we can follow the author’s crossover, while being accompanied by a vocal narration.’ -– Abitare 

‘With the international eye increasingly focused on London in the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games, London Unfurled is a great reminder of the sheer scale and variety of modern London as seen from the banks of perhaps its most iconic landmark.’ -–



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