One of the forthcoming Picador projects I'm most excited about is London Unfurled by the Turin-based architect Matteo Pericoli.

London is divided and united by its river; one of the few cities in the world to find its essence in two profoundly different, yet nearly touching, urban characters. So the Thames provides the perfect vantage point for telling the most comprehensive story of this complex city.

The key essence of the book is to produce a freehand line illustration of the London skyline as seen from both north and south banks of the river. This short but amazing video shows Matteo in action: fifteen snapshots taken over four days as he works on one of the most challenging but instantly recognizable parts of the capital's skyline, the Houses of Parliament. Testament to his skill as an artist, the famous landmark grows from the page, as the initial pencil scratches become a breathtakingly detailed rendition of this London standard.