To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Malcolm Bradbury's birth Picador have reissued six novels with contributions and introductions from some of literature's best-known names, all huge admirers of Bradbury's work.



John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas introduces Bradbury's first novel Eating People is Wrong, a book John himself devoured in preparation for his creative writing course at UEA where Malcolm would teach him.

Margaret Drabble introduces Bradbury's infamous The History Man which 'burst upon us in 1975 like a bombshell'.

Last King of Scotland author and UEA Professor of Creative Writing Giles Foden introduces the Booker shortlisted Rates of Exchange.

Ian McEwan's tribute to Malcolm Bradbury introduces Doctor Criminale.

Bradbury's friend and colleague David Lodge, returns to To the Hermitage, Bradbury's last novel, published in 2000, the year he died.

Read in chronological sequence, Bradbury's novels constitute a satirical social history of post-war Britain.

Read about Dominic Bradbury's memories of his father here.

‘Malcolm was a gifted teacher and writer. His artful reticence and his passion for literature transformed my life.’

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