Prize-winning author Mavis Cheek chose Micka by Frances Kay as her 'Good Read' for the Radio 4 programme. 


And here are some of the brilliant reviews Micka has received:

'a writer of real talent' The Times

'Playwright Frances Kay's first novel comes deservedly adorned with praise by Anne Enright and Carol Gebler . . . despite the grim subject matter, Micka is never hard to read, largely because of the distinctive voices Kay finds for her two protagonists, and the skill which she folds a supernatural element into her otherwise naturalistic tale' Financial Times

'This pulverising account of two boys and the dire consequences of casual neglect seems familiar, but is superbly articulated . . . The book's brutality is sickening in places, yet each voice is distinct and matter-of fact, the imagery lucid, spare and uncompromising' Guardian

'Frances Kay's first novel is a searing, uncompromising story about the deprived, neglected child, 10 year-old Micka. It left me enraged and tearful, the first time I've cried on finishing a book since Black Beauty' Irish Examiner


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