The wonderful literary blogger, Kimbofo, has written a fantastic post about an evening we recently hosted for two of our upcoming non-fiction titles: Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test and Hood Rat by Gavin Knight.


"Jon Ronson just looked at me and pointed his book in my direction."

This is my Other Half, also known as Mr Reading Matters and occasionally referred to as T.

We are at the swanky offices of Pan Macmillan, just down the road from King's Cross Station, and we're here to find out all about two upcoming non-fiction releases by Picador: Jon Ronson's The Psychopath Test and Gavin Knight's Hood Rat. Jon has recently walked into the room, but he's stuck by the door talking to a small circle of "publisher types".

The rest of the room is heaving with bright, young things, all dressed in chic casual attire, but Mr Reading Matters has come straight from an afternoon of meetings and is looking all debonair in his pin-striped suit.

"It's probably the suit you're wearing," I say. "He might think you're the CEO of the company or something."

Later on, when Jon Ronson takes the microphone and begins regaling us with excerpts from his book, interspersed with funny comments (and a carefully-worded put-down to the woman in the front row whose mobile phone rang at the most inappropriate moment), I realise why he might have spied Mr Reading Matters across a crowded room.

"Wearing a pin-stripe suit is a classic sign of a psychopath," he tells us all.

Cue nervous laughter. From me. And Mr Reading Matters.

Read the rest of this post on Kimbofo’s Reading Matters blog.  Highly recommended reading!